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Agni lecture 23.03.2013: Leben


Das Leben ist momentan verbunden mit ausgeprägter Müdigkeit und emotionaler Erschöpfung. Das liegt daran, dass wir mit so vielen neuen Möglichkeiten überschüttet werden, dass wir gar keine Zeit haben, die alten zu verabschieden und dann zwischen den Stühlen sitzen,….

For the English talking friends. Here the translation in English  from  Sharam:
Agni lecture – Life Amritabha 23.03.2013

Very welcome to the after Darshan lecture. Today there is again no theme except the actual theme, life.
Life, we notice is happening always again and in the moment connected with strong tiredness and emotional exhaustion.
The main reason that we are simply become showered with so many new, great possibilities is, that we have no time to say really good buy to the old. We are sitting between two things and we can seemingly best let go off it in a relaxed sleeping position. Yes, that we have fear to give up the old structures, that is understandable, because we don’t know the new. It is also so big that we can’t nearly touch it, that we can’t find our so secure boundaries anymore. That leads us in a feeling of uncertainty that robs our sleep, the daily calmness, simply makes dissatisfied with not accepting the gifts.
Everybody knows/experienced it when we give other people gifts and they don’t want to accept them and they say like: hey what I do get here again?
That it makes dissatisfied when we don’t accept our own gifts is even worst. That is stressing our vegetative nervous system, our emotional body, that is stressing the connection to our heaven who says: You don’t want me again? But you came for that!
And all this stress makes us already tired without doing anything.
Yes, that is in the long run not practical. In the long run we should change and greet the day with the new what it is holding for us and to greet the evening and the night with the new that it holds for us and to say thanks ahead that the old is leaving in the same breath like the new streams in. And we should open widely the doors and windows of the heart that the new receives the space in us that we deserve.
It is our old/new that is arriving, our old forgotten completeness that will space taking move into our life. We only need to make space and to say: Finally you came back, lovely that you are here, I am happy.
Stress is gone. In this sense, good awakening, less tiredness, less stress and see you soon. Agni

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