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Last Agni-Lecture in English

Agni_Frank_EickermannTransformation in the upcoming months

Today’s Amritabha lecture is about the next 3 months: May, June and July. There will be a lot of transformation and tiredness. Many feel already more tired, more tired than as usual in the spring.

A child crying in the audience. Agni: “Another one is tired.”

Part of the transformation happens on the outside. We could see that in the earthquakes in Nepal and through the 6 volcanic eruptions last week.

But it also happens on the inside, since the Christ light, which prepared itself and grew over the last years, wants to fill us. It is a transformation that isn’t connected to doing, but to not resisting. This is in itself very pleasant, but we must watch much more carefully to have enough time for meditation and rest. That we spend more time without everyday duties. We don’t need to be so involved with everyday duties. I think the everyday activities can be reduced to half the time and we still manage to achieve the same once we stop engaging in self criticism and doubt. This is going to set free a lot of potential.

Maybe you have seen on Facebook that I have asked you to step out of the attitude of whining and complaining for 3 weeks. Many are already taking part in it. The goal is to live without whining and complaining for 3 weeks or a month. As soon as we have a day of whining and complaining the count starts again at zero. Maybe, until the end of the year, we managed to go for a whole month without whining. This gives us much more energy and concentration for the projects that want to be expressed in our awakening. These projects can be put into action much more easily if they are not accompanied by doubts and groaning. I think we can get used to a way of living that doesn’t need to be difficult. Just today I read a stupid sentence that “we need to step out of our comfort zone and we need to suffer in order to be able to be successful.” I find that completely wrong. I think we need to expand our comfort zone into new projects, feel very good about them and love them from the bottom of the heart. Then they are going to be good and you will have joy working on them.

Medicine that is bitter, that is old times. In the new times we don’t need medicine; we need to expand, accept our gifts, collect them and give what we have to give. That will be more joyful for everybody than bitter medicine, whining, groaning and collapsing under the heavy burden.

We should definitely make sure that we give back to others what we carry for them. We are used to being ‘good people’ if we carry the burden of others. Today it is the opposite. Now we rob other people of their chance to realize what burden they haven’t yet redeemed because we carry the burden for them. They feel:“I don’t have anything.” This means that they will enter their own process of development much later than if they would be allowed to carry their burden themselves. The same is true for burden that was taken off our shoulders. We need to look: Do I still have some of my own burden on other people’s shoulders? Are other people carrying it for me? That we also ask to get these burdens back to see what wants to be dissolved through us now. Then we do not only feel lighter, we are lighter.

Those are already 2 important parts of homework for the next time.
First: No whining, no complaining!
Second: To give back the burden of others and to redeem our own burden. Expanding our comfort zone with easiness and joy and bringing the new into the world and to manifest it.

I think there is plenty to do. I will be back in the US on Monday and will be coming back here in June in about 3 weeks:

We will celebrate the Light Festival. You are all cordially invited. There are no seminars or other events only party. It will start with Turkantam who is singing Kirtan music, followed by Hannah Trigwell who will be entertaining us afterwards.

We will come together after one month full of joy without complaining to have a great party. In that spirit, I wish you all a good month, be joyful and share the joy with your world. If you know someone who tends to complain, suggest that he/she also stops. They might quickly say “no”.

Some of the people I know that are complaining all the time have joined with great enthusiasm and said: “I have already managed to go for 1 day!!!”

From now on:

We smile without a reason.

I wish all of us that we smile for no reason. Be happy and see you next month at the Light Festival.

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