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Light centers in the new Age : making Visions visible

12108948_10206858209987721_6319921762259830109_nGolden Age….that sounds promising and feels really great to many already. We can feel the quality of the new times and maybe already grasp an idea of the new structures. At the same time we are still busy on the outside with breaking up the old ways or understanding their breaking. What meaning does this change have for our daily life? What meaning for our work?? During the light center leader training Agni gave us some answers to these questions.

“ For 3 years now we have all been in the process of downloading information from our heaven whether we are aware of it or not! Many now need help to be able to see and live their Visions. That’s why the tasks of the light centers change: they become much more down to earth, offering not only a holy space but also concrete orientation for daily life!” says Agni


Three new techniques are now offered to support clients in finding their focus and orientation.

1. Opening up to make inner vision possible
The field of vision changes and we experience clarity. Impressions put themselves in order. Inner vision becomes more obvious and focuses itself. We feel that our decision is the only thing that separates us from our action.

2. Guidance, to be able to focus on ones own task
New things do not lead to feeling paralyzed but can be manifested. Visions are on point and once in movement we put one foot in front of the other! The path is clear and we experience that it attracts us. We do not want to stop walking it!

3. Projection, to make ones own Path visible quickly
It is not always sufficient to know the direction. Sometimes we need to see part of the Path to walk it. This technique not only gifts us with foresight but also with the understanding that we know exactly as much as is of service to us now.

Agni will initiate all Light Center leaders, running their own center into these Techniques in our 2017 meeting. Agni suggests to charge as much for each techniques as you charge for your light center leader gift (90 Euro). These Techniques can be used individually or in order accompanied by a consultation.

The combined effect of all 3 has given me more clarity, peace and serenity for my path and my perception. I am looking forward to sharing my gift with others, to actively support them to bring their heaven to earth. I find the intense connection to daily life really helpful. These techniques are easily understood and experienced also by those with little experience in energy work.
Thank you Agni

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