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My Guru Agni

My journey started in 1998, when a deep longing to experience God, to feel God, to be one with God, has awakened within me. During that period, I was living in Italy and I was working as an engineer. This longing was quite strong. I didn’t know how to handle it, Joshua-Vermessungbecause there was nobody around me that I could ask for help or receive any kind of advice. Of course, I had my family and my friends, but I couldn’t discuss such a private and sacred matter with them. I didn’t feel comfortable sharing my feelings about the Divine. They lived a rather conventional life influenced by social expectations and norms. I grew up in a Christian-catholic society, with strict rules and a peculiar perception of “love and truth”. There wasn’t any “bad” intention but there were lots of deeply rooted behaviors and attitudes of “how to be appropriate and accepted by the social environment”.


At that time, I met a carpenter who told me stories about Sai Baba and Babaji. His stories immediately caught my interest and afterwards he recommended to me the book “Yogananda”. For me it was a revelation. It moved me so deeply that I wished I could meet a master like Babaji.

““Why can’t such a great spiritual master like Babaji be living in our modern times?”

While I was reading “Yogananda”, I sensed that Babaji really lived by his truth, love and divine consciousness. Meeting somebody like Babaji would be fulfilling my longing for God.

Then, a very spontaneous and unexpected thought came up:

Guru Babaji“Is there a possibility that a great spiritual master like Babaji lives in Germany?”

It was a very strange thought because, from what I knew, most spiritual Masters normally came from India. There weren’t any spiritual Masters coming from Europe or any other part of the world. That was my belief. Today I know, that this thought was my “first meeting” with Agni.

It wasn’t a question I made, it was an answer I received:

“There is a spiritual Master like Babaji living in Germany!”

But at that time, I wasn’t fully conscious of his call so I kept on looking. I started reading books about Sai Baba and I learned a lot about spirituality, karma and the divine principles. His teachings enhanced my perception. “Thank you Sai Baba for this precious preparation!”.


Shasima-willkommen-300x225In winter 2004, I was looking for guidance. I was looking for a “consultant” that could help me resolve the negativity I was perceiving from my surroundings. Through friends of mine I was recommended to contact Shasima. She is the leader of the light center at Merano (Italy).

Shasima informed me about the healing effects of Energetic Feng Shui and I immediately agreed to apply it in my apartment. It felt as the appropriate “treatment” to the negativity and troubles created by some particular groups in the neighborhood.

Path into Light

After that, the seminar “Path into Light” came along. When I heard Shasima, giving information about the seminar and referring to Sai Baba, Jesus and Babaji, the avatars I already knew, made me feel the urge to participate. It was a very intense seminar which redefined my life. That was my first step in Agni’s tradition!

It was my first spiritual seminar but guess what: I got absolutely nothing! “Mamma mia!” (Italian way of saying “Oh my God!”). I felt like I was the “worst-case” of the seminar group. All other participants were getting a lot of visual information during the meditations like images or messages, whereas I got nothing. At least I felt the great energy and I loved it!
By that time, I knew, that Agni’s tradition was exactly what I was looking for. For the first time, I felt Agni’s presence during the seminar and it touched me so deeply. I felt:

“That is my chance to fulfill my longing for God: to meet Agni and keep on walking the path of his tradition, the tradition of the holy fire”.



However, besides the joy of having finally found my spiritual path, there was another side in me feeling fear, helplessness and failure, much due to pain from old wounds. So, the battle begun. My half part of rational thinking fighting against the feelings of my heart. Questions like “Why does God expresses himself through expensive seminars” and things like that, begun to create a turbulence in my mind.

Today, I know that this kind of process is called transformation. It is the resistance of the old letting the new come in which creates space and freedom to live our own light and happiness.
Despite my doubts,I kept on going forward, trusting the inner voice of my heart. I’ve decided to make my next steps in Agni’s tradition, so I’ve signed up for the next seminar to be trained as an Alpha Chi Consultant in Amritabha. Amritabha means the eternal light and is the principal light center in Agni’s tradition.

Welcome Back

AmritabaDuring the ACC training in autumn 2004, I met Agni in person for the first time. We met at the lobby of Amritabha. He was taking something as I walked in. Agni felt someone coming in and turned his head, he looked at me and said “Hello”. His greeting was so simple, but there was a second internal, subtler message saying : “Hello – welcome back”. This “welcome back” was huge, almost “historical” for me. I felt we knew each other from the past. I instantly remembered my falling into oblivion along past incarnations during which I have completely forgotten him. This was a moment of enlightenment!

Fulfilling life’s purpose

Agni-Joshua-WarriorOn Easter 2005, I became Agni’s “devotee”. As a devotee you give your Master/Guru the permission to guide you in order to fulfill your life’s purpose. Agni’s energy doesn’t accept any excuses; it empowers you to create your own life and win your own goal. My life changed in a drastic way. Up until then, I was driving my life on the “lost myself” lane and then very quickly I switched to the “be myself” lane. Only one year after my first seminar I was already living in Amritabha as a team member.

My first years following the Agni tradition, involved a really hard transformational work. All my old structures, obsolete perceptions, doubts, fears, were all locked deep inside me, completely forgotten and hidden but under Agni’s love and light everything came to surface to be seen and healed. It was for sure a great self-development process, even though sometimes hard to handle in everyday life.

Agni rules the balance and love in the creation.

My life wasn’t planned any more. It smoothly followed the flow without any effort. My respect and devotion to him was totally unquestionable having acknowledged the depth and magnitude of his power. Agni rules the balance and love in the creation. Agni supports the development of all beings and represents the divine will, the

“Om Namah Shivaya”

This sounds nice, but isn’t nice if you have resistance against the divine will, as I had. You know, it’s very easy to live happily when you are surrounded by people you like. It’s easy to be pleased when things happen the way you want.

But how do you react, when things are going in a different way, when God has another plan to show you his will? That was hard to accept!

In times of big crises and inner conflict, I thought “Agni doesn’t support me, doesn’t want my best – how can he guide me to my goal?” When pain and heavy thoughts showered my mind I went deep, very deep in contact with my love and my divine core. In this energy I checked Agni many times: “Who is he? I mean who is he really?” and the intuitive response was always the same: “Pure love, pure fire and eternal light.” His power and his love detect all things which aren’t love and truth. That’s very simple, but hard to accept and sometimes difficult to understand rationally.

Encountering Agni can even work like a mirror: it is like looking to yourself. If you feel love, your own love reflects back, if you see God, you are God too, whereas, if you have resistance, you will be aware of it. This is the gift that spiritual Masters offer to us.


Agni’s Darshan is a holy opportunity to encounter God

Agni DarshanDuring the first Darshan experiences I had in 2005/2006 I felt nothing and only thoughts appeared in my mind: “ maybe I am manipulated …” I guess it took me about 2 years until I saw God in the eyes of Agni during the Darshan.

I was overwhelmed. From then on, the energy of God went stronger and stronger. Today, when I receive Darshan I feel my divine heaven, my divine place close to God, the unity with the creation. These moments are timeless and eternal, almost impossible to narrow down the feeling and express it in words.

Often I feel that life is like a theater in which everyone of us is playing his/her individual role completely separated from the others, but what happens when we realise that we play only a single role instead of comprehending the “whole play”? After being part of the fire tradition for the last few years I would say that the best way for me to grasp the “whole play” is to be a devotee to Agni.

Agni teachings are love

His teachings and his energy reminds me that all parts of creation have a divine origin. I learned to love and stopped judging people or the different ways of living. God loves his creation and his love doesn’t depend on “black” or “white”, on different “ways of life” or different “spiritual paths”. This perspective gave me peace, spiritual expansion and allowed me to be tolerant with the daily life challenges and feel free.

When I’m focused on Agni, I’m focused on myself, I’m focused on my own mission on earth, I’m part of the divine love, I find the power to express my own divinity.

“To love Agni is the same as loving my true self!


by Joshua

Note: Thanks Morya for english support


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  1. Laran Wasser Laran Wasser

    Hallo ihr Lieben,

    Es wäre schön, wenn dieser Artikel auch in Deutsch zu vberfügung gestellt würde, da er, wie ich finde, für viele Zweifler (auch nur deutsch Verstehende) ein gutes Beispiel sein könnte!

    Liebe Grüße,

  2. Very touching, thank you for sharing your story, Joshua!
    Love, Nohila

  3. Trita N. Agca Trita N. Agca

    Danke, lieber Joshua, für diese berührenden Worte.
    Du drückst in deinen Worten das aus, was viele von uns auf diesem Weg selbst erlebt haben.
    Die Gedanken, die Gefühle in inneren und äußeren Prozessen – und auch die Liebe, die immer wieder uns daran erinnert, worum es geht:
    Um uns selbst!
    Ich erkenne mich sehr darin.
    Schön, dass es dich gibt.
    Om Agni Jay!
    Love, Trita.

  4. Enya Enya

    thank you for sharing in English, I feel so much supported, thank you!

    • Joshua Harald Tutzer Joshua Harald Tutzer

      Your welcome 😉

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