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The 12 aspects of manifestation of christ-light

IMG_0897Two years ago I wrote:

 “The seminars of the 12 aspects of creation, which are going to happen within the next 2 years are going to change me. They are going to initiate within me what is necessary for me to continue to walk my path.”

Now I feel a change, can you too?

These 12 aspects put me through a lot. Sleepless nights, feeling flashes of heat and deep recognitions about myself.

lf you would ask me today “What can you get from these seminars?” I would reply:

The fulfillment, which was sowed about 2000 years ago and which subdivided in different religions. The fulfillment to believe for yourself in love, to live love as the law, since love has no laws. Love neither needs laws nor does love follow laws.

You could say that this series of seminars is breaking open the laws, the structures and the obstacles we have self-imposed on ourselves. It uncovers our direct access to express ourselves and our creative qualities.

All our qualities are within. “Within” also includes our energy bodies: astral-, emotional-, causal- and hypercausalbodies which contain unexpected dormant treasures for everybody. These energy bodies are layers around the physical body. They contain all our experiences and all the qualities we have already expressed at some time.


Our lives, our upbringing and our education have blocked our access and made it nearly impossible to have a direct access to our qualities. We simply couldn’t develop to our full potential. We or I searched for answers on the outside which continued to block our own access.

I asked myself over and over ‘why am I chosen’ to accompany and to be allowed to give these seminars now?

Now I realize that I might just be the perfect example, that it works: That you can and that you’re allowed to find and to live yourself. That you can become so full of feelings and at the same time so attentive, that you want to create and live in deeply-connected communities.

It’s about those small experiences of love that are awakened and that grow ever stronger. Ever more comes back in alignment and finds it’s true expression. That is the reason for the increase in our energy, since every given seminar leads to ever more awareness within ourselves. When I look into my heart, I can see that it is my life task, my purpose to do exactly that right now.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADie 12 Aspects of creation soon in Amritabha

I am looking forward to giving this seminar series here in Amritabha or in your seminar space in GERMAN language.

 “United WE will shine, united WE will experience bliss. One soul alone can only experience God by itself. A community of souls can bring God’s creation to life.”

With love

Your Jaruh

To take part in English or other languages, please visit http://www.agnieickermann.com/creation-of-christ-light .

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