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Guide others on theirs.

Reputed as one of the best spiritual schools in the world, we offer a wide selection of unique courses for all levels of your development.

For us, there's no separation between trainings that transform your life and trainings that give you access to work with clients. 


After all, you can only offer to others, what you have explored and recognised for yourself.

For more than twenty years we have been offering profound teachings and powerful guidance on chakra and aura work, feng shui, crystal healing, shamanic practices, fire ceremonies, the wisdom of the elements and more. On our signature path we train Spiritual Consultants, Teachers and Masters.

Our Founder Agni
Bringing Heaven to Earth

Leading the Tribe of Fire

"There is only one way - yours."

For the past 40 years Agni has been helping people to remember, who they are. Having never lost the memory of his origin, he has has founded hospitals, given speeches and counselled and trained thousands of people. He established a net of light centres around the globe, as well as a training path and seminars, that people attend to heal and develop themselves towards their light and their love.

You can find him at his home Sacred Land in New Mexico or visiting Amritabha, which he founded twenty years ago together with his wife at that time MaRa Eickermann.

Amritabha is not merely a beautiful seminar house, it is a powerful healing place, a spirit of love and transformation that exudes itself in all the beauty around.

We are a venue for a wide range of professional trainings throughout the year. Our three beautiful seminar rooms fit small and big groups up to 60 people (room rental conditions coming soon).

Seminar venue

& place of light


Home of the heart

Enlivened by a team of permanent and semi permanent inhabitants, who offer their guidance and work, take care of the house and are here to serve and progress on their path, Amritabha is a place, that many thousands of people come home to in their way again and again over the years.


You might not know why, but just know when your heart is calling for Amritabha. The reason might be that you are ready to encounter yourself.


For more information about the team roles please download our Seva & Residency Information pack. 


Seva is a devotional practice of volunteering your work in order to let go of your wishes and gain insight, freedom and happiness. Sevas usually stay from one to four weeks. 


A residency at Amritabha is an opportunity to share your skills, live in community and deepen your connection to yourself. 




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