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Meditation, consultation


Our daily group meditations are open to the public and free of charge (details below), as are our monthly Dhuni and Shakti Fires which you are warm-heartedly welcome to take part in. Find dates here.


To visit the house or join a meditation please contact the office via info@amritabha to make an appointment with a team member.

Outside the house you are invited anytime to come by and meditate in the Agni Temple or Temple of the Divine Mother as well as to enjoy the power of Amritabha.

Spiritual teacher and Amritabha founder Agni offers his Darshan, a blessing to encounter the divine, about four times a year. It is a public and free event, as well as blessings of other spiritual masters, lectures and satsangs that take place throughout the year.

We offer wholistic consultation and treatments. See more below.

Looking forward to see you.



Our team is specialised in wholistic life consultation,
physical and energetic treatments, 
trauma work and regression therapy.


Please download our
Treatments Menu for details:

Treatments Menu (PDF) (coming soon)


Welcoming the Day at 7:30 am

(30 mins)

Thanking the Day at 6:00 pm 

(15 mins)

Kindly arrive five minutes early. We are happy to initiate you in our heart meditation, just ask.